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For I will consider my friend Jeni

For I will consider my friend Jeni For she leapt up to join the dance For in her morning orisons she loved the sun and the sun loved her For she was an instrument for the children to learn benevolence … Continue reading

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Acronym city limits – BMX2

I had thought about calling this “night before surgery” blog post “BMX2”, but that would just have been too simple wouldn’t it?  Not to mention confusing, if not downright tautologous, with the B standing for bilateral competing neatly with the … Continue reading

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As a teenager growing up on the not so mean streets of Hounslow, a BMX was a type of stunt bike ridden by parka-clad pre-pubescent boys mourning the closure of the local skateboard park.  However, in the parallel universe inhabited … Continue reading

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Spicule (n) spikjuːl – a new word for my vocabulary

Followers of the Uxbridge English Dictionary might posit that this blog refers to the rustic, Spanish Christmas I’ve just enjoyed:   castanets instead of crackers, morcilla rather than mince pies and paella replacing parsnips and turkey.   An enticing tableau but sadly … Continue reading

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Cancer stole my teeth

Following on from “an eye for an eye, teeth for a breast”, the best I could do on calculating the odds went like this: Odds of getting primary breast cancer (aged 36) = 1 in 215 Odds of getting primary … Continue reading

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Eye for eye, teeth for breast

In an absurdly Pollyanna-esque way I’m considering myself lucky to have bone mets rather than distant spread to visceral organs (bar some small spots on my lungs; my liver and brain scans have been clear—so far so good). Compared with … Continue reading

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Why Sarah Bucket?

I’ve been talking about writing a blog for so long now that I don’t think anyone thought I’d ever get started.  So, seizing the, somewhat overdue, moment I logged on via a bad mobile signal on my ‘phone and was … Continue reading

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