Living with husband, Mr G and father, Derek.

Living with two and a half random felines, Ruby, Boys and someone else’s tabby (who seems to be in love with Boys).

Living with metastatic (advanced, Stage IV, secondary, terminal) breast cancer – doesn’t matter what you call it – it tends to get you in the end.


2 Responses to About

  1. rachel gilmour says:

    Sarah – my dear, dynamic and brave, brave friend. How many times can you put f***ing in to not fair? Thinking about you and sending all my love and every ounce of optimism. Rachel in Devon

  2. Suzanne Duce says:

    You are like a bottle of Bolly yourself…….bubbly, with an edge that cuts right through the humdrum bullshit of life, hints of a smithy’s leather apron, fiery sparks, the sizzle of the hand-forged breastplate when it finds the cool water, ahhhhhh; scents of apple blossom, yew hedge, and with a good nose.
    Suzanne (who lives in Canada and counts Sharon Eckman as friend, so I know you’ve got some f***ing
    good company near you)

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