For I will consider my friend Jeni

For I will consider my friend Jeni

For she leapt up to join the dance

For in her morning orisons she loved the sun and the sun loved her

For she was an instrument for the children to learn benevolence upon

For every house is incomplete without her, and a blessing is lacking in the spirit

For she was tenacious of her point

For having considered God and herself she would consider her neighbour

For if she met another person she would joine them in friendship

For she was a mixture of gravity and waggery

For she knew that God was her Saviour

For there was nothing brisker than her life when in motion

For there is nothing sweeter than her peace now she is at rest

27th August 2014   with apologies to Christopher Smart and Jeoffry


Last August we buried my friend Jeni.

Our paths might, quite literally, have crossed as she lived less than half a kilometre as those proverbial crows fly.  Similarly aged, we led different lives and despite both of our propensities to talk to random people, in the street and at bus stops, those paths didn’t converge until the summer of 2012 when she came along to the support group that I too had recently joined.

Brought together with a similar diagnosis and held there with a weekly Tuesday afternoon meeting until, like so many others before her, Jeni left the group.  She was with us until weeks before she died and we miss her dearly.  Poignant indeed as I know that at some time, in the foreseeable future, I too shall leave the group and that the leaving won’t be of my volition.

There is a church spire that I can see from my study window;  two streets away, over the rooftops, looking north west, towards the park.  From Jeni’s window she could also see the spire of Holy Trinity and we would often text from our respective homes, mutual support from our respective sad and uncertain places, and focus on that landmark, floodlit by night, sunlit by day, but most recently, and fittingly, shrouded in cloud.

Today is crisp and bright and Holy Trinity’s spire is once again sunlit against a blue sky and bare trees.  Winter is still with us but Spring will follow on its heels and with it the seemingly unceasing round of life and growth.  New life and new hope for nature and for others.  Sadly but a false dawn for those of us with metastatic disease.

For I will consider my friend Jeni

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2 Responses to For I will consider my friend Jeni

  1. Bob says:

    Gosh Sarah, your blogs really makes me stop and think – of course it’s point! X Bob

  2. Simon says:

    So I read these posts and find my eyes wet before I get to the end. But that’s no bloody practical use is it! Power to you Sarah. Lots of love Si x

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